“Lazy Hazy Crazy” East Coast IPA

Only mildly bitter, the hop additions in this IPA create a wall of in-your-face flavors ranging from ripe mango, orchard fruits, melon, lime and passion fruit to subtle pine and floral notes. Beautifully hazy thanks to the use of flaked oats, wheat malt, and massive dry hopping, this beer delights with grilled herb chicken.  Best paired with uptempo Nat King Cole.

SRM = 3.9

IBU = 49.7

ABV = 7.3%


“Ne Me Quitte Pas” Witbier

This traditional Belgion witbier (“wit” means “white”) is brewed with 2-row Belgian pilsner malt, pale wheat and flaked oats for structure.  A light bittering with Hersbrucker hops balances the malt, and the addition of both coriander and orange peel delivers a beautiful bouquet. Enjoy with fresh shellfish or light chicken dishes.  Best paired with chansons from Jacques Brel by candlelight.

SRM = 3.9

IBU = 15.9

ABV = 4.6%


“Digitus” Milk Chocolate Stout

Digitus is Latin for “finger,” and this stout pays homage to a new era of acoustic guitarists, whose stylish, inventive creativity is redefining the instrument. A touch of non-fermentable lactose adds a hint of sweetness to this style while rounding out the roasty, espresso-like bitterness of its dark malts, which are then topped off with rum-soaked cacao nibs. Best paired with acoustic percussive fingerstyle guitar works.

SRM = 52.1

IBU = 29.2

ABV = 8.5%


“Reindeer Boogie” Holiday Red Ale

This dry red ale has a wonderful malt complexity, ranging from soft caramel and toffee to biscuity and grainy notes, with a holiday twist of orange peel and a touch of vanilla. Enjoy with lighter holiday fare like grilled poultry and mild cheeses. Best paired with Cowboy Christmas music.

SRM = 19.3

IBU = 40.8

ABV = 5.5%


"Woodcut" Amber Lager

This lager presents a nuanced balance of hops and malt, noble aromas, and a clean, crisp lager finish. A complex but approachable mix of spicy German hops and ripe-fruit-sweet caramel malt enhance herbed poultry and light cheeses.  Have a listen with traditional Broadside Ballads.

SRM = 7.7

IBU =24.3

ABV = 4.8%


"La Víe En Rose" Belgian Dubbel

This is a trappist-style ale with a russet color, dense off-white head, and a host of flavors and aromas - spices, flowers, dried fruit, plums, raisins, rum, and toffee - arising from the interaction of grains, Belgian dark candi sugar, and yeast.  Best paired with jazz master Toots Thieleman’s wistful harmonica.

SRM = 26.7

IBU = 21.1


ABV = 7.3%


Irish Blonde Ale

2-row pale malt, flaked barley, malted oats, Palisade hops

SRM = 3.7

IBU =33.1


ABV = 5.5%


Dry Irish Stout

Maris Otter malt, flaked barley, roasted barley, Palisade & Cluster hops

SRM = 37.5

IBU =36.6


ABV = 4.5%